Building & Land

Building & Land

Gerrard’s started in 1864 as a building company delivering both high quality residential, commercial properties and even 37 churches. With generations of experience we continue to deliver high quality projects to this day.


  • Building homes for over 150 years

  • Highly skilled Craftsmanship

  • Quality Materials

  • Beautifully created architecture

  • First Class reputation

  • Investing in the future

  • Own R & D department — allowing us to invest and develop in materials of the future

  • Helping to make homes greener and more efficient


  • Professional Approach

  • We work with land owners to obtain planning permission, minimising the risk to the landowner while maximising your land value

  • Outright purchases

  • Joint Ventures

  • No minimum or maximum site size

If you think we can help in any of these areas or any projects you have in mind please do not hesitate to contact us using the form provided.