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Gerrard’s of Swinton is primarily a building company established in 1864 by Jonathan Gerrard trading as J. Gerrard & Sons. Based in Swinton Manchester, it rose to become one of the largest in the United Kingdom involved in many large projects across the country.

Gerrard’s constructed a huge variety of builds including army barracks, RAF bases thousands of residential homes, commercial buildings, public servant buildings including fire stations, police stations, colleges and even thirty-seven churches. Two books have been published with many of these revolutionary designs available on Amazon (The History and Buildings of J. Gerrard & Sons Ltd) there are also local history tours organised for there is a long proud history of high quality craftsmanship and materials along with revolutionary designs which Gerrard’s reputation has been built on.

The company has now expanded into building motorway and highways, haulage division with a fleet of up to 50 tipper trucks, low loaders, plant hire, walking floor vehicles, training schools, land reclamation, planning, commercial letting and even the film industry.

Today our managing director Sebastian Gerrard Esq is the great, great great grandson of our original founder J. Gerrard and still as a family owned business to this day we still uphold the strong traditions of Gerrard’s core values. We believe any business should be a force for good in the community and strongly engage with local good causes, please see our community engagement page. Going forward into the 21st century continue to strive towards being carbon neutral, investing heavily in R & D to not only improve our affect on the present environment but also look at future carbon neutral building materials and fuels.

Gerrard’s are dedicated to hitting the living wage quota, are part of the armed forces covenant, disability covenant and has also revolutionised health and safety and training techniques in the building trade and the high speed network helping to make the workplace safer not only for Gerrard’s staff but helping to ensure everyone in the industry comes home safe each day.

Our Mission:

“To continue to lead by example, to continue to set the standards higher than ever before, to build a brighter, safer, greener Britain, that shall make our past and future generations proud”

Sebastian Gerrard Esq.

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